Theses and Defense

Theses and Defense

In accordance with doctoral studies regulations in force at the UDC, doctoral theses can only be deposited after a minimum of 18 months after the admission of the doctoral student to the program (regardless of whether they are registered full-time or part-time). The thesis must include, at least, an abstract in Galician, Spanish and English, as well as an introduction, objectives, methodology, results, conclusions and bibliography section.

The duration between the beginning of thesis deposit procedures and the public thesis defense will vary, depending on the meetings of the CAPD and the EIDUDC Permanent Committee, as well as the minimum timeframes applicable to certain steps in the process, among other factors.

All information on the procedure and deadlines applicable to thesis deposit and defense can be consulted on the EIDUDC website, available at and in the guide created for this purpose (

Doctoral thesis deposit and defense procedure and instructions

Once the thesis is complete, doctoral students must request authorization to defend it from the CAPD. To do so, they must submit the following documentation to the Oza UADI:

Once the thesis has been approved for submission for defense by the CAPD, the committee will immediately submit the relevant documentation to the International Doctoral School (EIDUDC). At this time, the following procedure will commence and the status of the thesis procedure will be available to check at :

  1. Deposit and public display period (10 working days). Once documentation has been received by the EIDUDC, the thesis will remain on deposit and on public display during a reading period of 10 working days counting from the time of its authorization.
  2. Acceptance or rejection of the thesis for processing in view of its defense and appointment of the committee. Once the public display period is complete, the Permanent Committee, at its monthly meeting, will accept (if applicable) the thesis for processing and will appoint the corresponding committee, informing the parties involved.
  3. Sending of committee members’ reports on the thesis (20 calendar days). Once appointments have been received, committee members must send their thesis evaluation reports to the EIDUDC within 20 calendar days of the receipt of the corresponding documentation.
  4. Thesis defense approval (10 working days). Once the reports from committee members have been received, the thesis defense will be approved within the following 10 working days.
  5. Thesis defense (3 months). Once the defense is approved, the public display and defense act will be permitted to be convened within the 3 months following the date on which committee members received the documentation. This act must be convened at least 10 days in advance.

Doctoral thesis defense