The application period for admission must be consulted each year, but opens around September 1 and closes around September 8. The official calendar for admission and enrollment in doctoral programs at the UDC for each academic year can be found at

The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program (CAPD) in Health Sciences has agreed that, in order to study the applications, they must comply with the following requirements:

  • The application for admission must attach a preliminary thesis project endorsed by a doctor
  • At least one of the thesis directors must be a professor of the doctoral program, a list of which is available for consultation.
  • The preliminary project must be included in one of the lines of research established in the doctoral program
  • The supervisors must certify that they meet the requirements established for thesis directors according to the REDUDC. If a co-director who is not part of the program is proposed, the established application form must be submitted showing that the candidate meets the criteria to supervise theses established by the REDUC. If the UADI (administrative unit in charge of the program) already has this accreditation, it is not necessary to submit it again, as is the case for all professors in the program.

How to apply for admission to the Program?

The application must be completed in TWO STEPS:


Through the VIRTUAL SECRETARY of the UDC (

  • To access the secretary, if you are a former UDC student, you must use the username and password you already have
  • If you have not previously attended the UDC, you must create a user and apply for access.


From the virtual secretary, a document is generated that must be delivered in person at the UADI, together with the following documents:

  • Preliminary thesis project, endorsed by a professor of the program.
  • If applicable, a form from the thesis director or co-director certifying compliance with the requirements established for thesis supervision.
  • Copy of ID card or passport.
  • Certified copy of the official university degrees that grant admission to doctoral studies. The UADI can certify the documentation when it is received.
  • Official academic certification of the studies completed.
  • If applicable, certification from the competent authority of having obtained satisfactory evaluation of specialized health training, for at least two years, in a program leading to an official degree in one of the specialties in Health Sciences.

For the selection of the students who will finally be admitted each academic year in the Program, the Academic Committee will assess the applications for admission received according to the following scale:

  • Research proposal (0-5.5 points). The thesis theme proposal presented, the viability of the project according to any of the research lines of the program and the possibility of designating a thesis direction will be assessed. A minimum of 4 points will be required to be admitted to the program.
  • Obtaining research grants (2 points).
  • Research and/or professional experience in any of the work areas to which the lines of research of the doctoral programme are oriented (1.5 points).
  • Academic record and master’s degree grade if the previous degree is in accordance with the program, weighable according to the affinity to the lines of research of the doctoral program (1 point).